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The history ofmishiko

Where does the name Mishiko come from?

The name 'Mishiko' comes from Michiko a member of the Imperial House of Japan who served as the Empress consort of Japan as the wife of Akihito, the 125th Emperor of Japan reigning from 7 January 1989 to 30 April 2019. We changed the letter 'c' to the letter 's' to make the look of the word for english friendly and easier to read and say.

How do you pronounce mishiko?

In the early days we did get this one a lot! We suppose there is no correct or incorrect way... we started off pronouncing it Mish 'e' ko but we found a lot of customers pronouncing it Misheeko. That definitely has a surrey twang to it and it has sort of stuck! Our nickname locally is Shiko's which we love too!

A brief history

Mishiko cocktail bar opened in Reigate on Saturday 4th July 2016 with a brand new owner after a long 8 week refurbishment of what was JJ Whispers and the Tickled Ivory bar before that. Pre-Coronavirus  Mishiko ran a weekly student night called D2 which will be back up and running when allowed and was open every Friday and Saturday evening with a mix of great cocktails, DJs and a hybrid bar and dance floor unique to Reigate.

Things have changed slightly now and Mishiko is open on a Friday and Saturday with table service only but we'll be sure to get back to normal whenever we are allowed and it is safe to do so.